RLC in the Media: Concern over government plans to wind back responsible lending laws

Some emergencies happen quietly as Redfern Legal Centre’s financial abuse solicitor Jasmine Opdam knows all too well.

Fiona Willan reports for Nine News.

As a case worker for financial abuse victims, she’s seen and heard some terrible things.

She says: “We helped a client who’s partner had coerced her to take out a car loan for his benefit because of his poor credit rating. And her partner took the car and left her with a $50 000 debt.”

And she’s deeply concerned about the federal government’s plans to make it easier for people to get credit. She’s not alone.

Labor Senator Jenny McAllister says: “They are winding back protections that play an important role in supporting victims of domestic violence and protecting them.”

In a submission to treasury, legal experts and consumer advocates have described it as: “the most short-sighted, poorly thought out policy proposed by a government in credit or financial services in recent memory”.

Opdam says: “We’ll see more people experiencing financial abuse with bigger debts and more complex legal problems.”

Watch the full story here (Nine News, 10 January 2021).