Webinar: Police Powers & Protests – What are your legal rights?

On December 9, RLC and DLA Piper presented a webinar entitled, 'Police Powers & Protests: What are your legal rights?'

Protests have been occurring across the country – Black Lives Matter, climate change, changes to education, and more – with many events having a heavy police presence.

This webinar is for anyone who has attended a protest – or is considering attending one – and wants to know more about your legal rights.

  • What are your legal rights if: you are protesting in a group of more than 20?
  • you are told to move on by police? you are arrested?
  • force is used against you?
  • you are under 18? you are an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander?
  • you are kettle sprayed or capsicum sprayed?

Facilitated by Samantha Lee, police accountability solicitor at Redfern Legal Centre.


  1. Felicity Graham: Barrister, Blackstone Chambers, and former Trial Advocate for Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT.  
  2. Jane Sanders: Principal Solicitor of the Shopfront Youth Legal Centre.
  3. Peter O'Brien: Principal Lawyer and founder of O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors.

Useful links

RLC  Factsheets: 

This webinar is not a substitute for legal advice.