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We need to talk about financial abuse
26 September 2015 As the discourse around domestic violence grows, financial abuse remains a relatively unacknowledged aspect of domestic violence. However, it represents a significant barrier to women trying to leave abusive or controlling relationships.
Debate over RDA and section 18C continues
26 September 2015 Section 18C of the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) is among the laws highlighted as having potential to interfere with Australians’ civil liberties in a recent Australian Law Reform Commission report.
Online abuse pervasive, yet hard to prosecute
25 September 2015 Cases involving online and technology facilitated abuse often do not reach courts in New South Wales. 
Law reform to target rent-to-buy companies
24 September 2015 Rent-to-buy companies are making millions profiting from the most vulnerable members of the community.
Future of Police Accountability Public Forum
1 September 2015 The NSW election in March brought with it a commitment from the Government to review police oversight. 
Media Release: NSW to lose its International Students’ Service after Redfern Legal Centre fails to secure funding
20 August 2015 Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) has announced that it will be forced to close its award winning International Students’ legal advice service in September.
VET-FEE-Help scandal spurs real change
11 June 2015 A recent Senate Inquiry into Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers (‘VET Inquiry’) exposed a raft of misleading and deceptive practices in relation to the marketing of VET courses and the VET Fee Help government loan scheme.
Age discrimination looms large
11 June 2015 A recent national survey has revealed nearly a third of older workers have experienced age discrimination.
Productivity Commission’s Inquiry - Employee rights shakeup
11 June 2015 The Productivity Commission’s draft report into its Workplace Relations Framework Inquiry, which is set to be released next month, is expected to raise a number of issues of importance to Australia’s workplace relations framework.
More bang for your bond
11 June 2015 The Tenants’ Union of NSW and Tenants’ Advice & Advocacy Services (TAAS) network have launched a campaign for an increase in tenants’ services funding and an increase on the interest returned to tenants themselves.