Webinar technical details

A webinar is an online workshop presented over the internet. Currently RLC uses Zoom, except we don't use webcams.

You can attend from anywhere with a broadband connection, using a compatible computer or mobile device.

You will hear the presenter and see their presentation. You can type questions and comments - the presenter can answer by speaking or typing the answer. 


What do I need?

  1. PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone (see System Requirements below)
  2. Good broadband or NBN internet (mobile data not recommended)
  3. Good speakers, or headphones, or a landline phone.


How do I register for a webinar?

Go to Fees & Bookings

Each participant must be registered using a different email address and that email must be accessible on the device they will use for the webinar (eg. PC or tablet).


How do I attend the webinar?

You will receive a confirmation email a few days in advance, and a reminder email the day before. Click the link in that email.


Audio quality

Some of our webinar participants have experienced poor sound quality. Our recommendations:

1. Use the best internet connection in the quietest location you can. We strongly recommend you use good speakers, a headset or an earpiece.

2. If you have good WIFI broadband, you can use an iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet. Click your device's operating system below, for links to the free app.

3. If your internet connection is poor, use your (landline) phone to listen to the sound while watching on your PC. The phone number will be listed in the email we send you a few days before. Log on on your PC or other device as instructed, and then you will receive a code which you can use with that phone number.

4. View the recording of the webinar at a later date. A few weeks after the webinar, everyone who registered will get an email with a link to the recording, which you can watch at a time and place that suits you.


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