Resources: STOP, SEARCH AND DETAIN: Police powers on the street

WEBINAR: STOP, SEARCH AND DETAIN: Police powers on the street
The resources below complement our webinar on this topic in September 2021.


What is this webinar about?

In recent years there has been much debate regarding police powers to stop, question and search people. In particular, there has been a spotlight on the use of strip-searches, and the negative impact they can have upon vulnerable people. It has become increasingly important for people to understand their rights when confronted with police. This webinar outlines the powers that NSW police have to stop and search people on the streets, and the procedures they must follow. It also outlines the avenues for redress available to people who have been subjected to police misusing or abusing their powers. Note: Due to the frequent changes in COVID Public Health Orders, this webinar will not cover police COVID powers. This workshop will be valuable to NSW community workers and volunteers who work with people who often have interactions with the police on the streets.

Presenter: Sophie Leaver, Solicitor, Redfern Legal Centre.


Where does this information apply?

The information below only applies to NSW (Australia) and was correct as of September 2021.


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