Resources: Navigating legal assistance in NSW

TRAINING: Navigating legal assistance in NSW
The resources below complement our community worker training on this topic. Next webinar 16 May 2019.
Video recording: available June 2019
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Where does this information apply?

The information below only applies to NSW (Australia). It was last checked on 15 May 2019. 


Law Access NSW (if unsure, start here)


DIY research - plain language legal information online

For non-lawyers, online legal research can be tricky. An essential tip - Australia has 9 legal systems! Always check that any legal information applies in your state or territory. The following resources are for NSW:

  • TenantsNSW website has a great set of tenants’ rights fact sheets.
  • Law Access NSW 
  • Find Legal Answers Tool Kit is a collection of plain language books answering everyday questions about the law in NSW. Some of these books must be purchased, but some can be read online free of charge.


Directories of services


Specific services for specific purposes


Powerpoint presentation

The Powerpoint presentation on this topic is below (as a PDF file).