Navigating legal assistance in NSW: Getting the legal help your clients need (webinar)


Navigating legal assistance in NSW
Online webinar 
  • Thursday 16 May 2019 (changed date)
  • 10am-11am


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Legal Aid, legal centres, tenancy advice, domestic violence court advocacy... Getting free legal help sometimes means wandering through a maze of multiple services, engaged phone lines, waiting lists and complex eligibility rules. Many clients find it too hard, especially those with language and communication barriers.

Armed with the simple map which this webinar will provide, community workers and volunteers can play a valuable role assisting their clients to navigate the legal assistance maze. You can save your clients much time and frustration, and in some cases their legal outcomes may be improved by getting advice sooner rather than later.

This workshop will be valuable to community workers, and to volunteers in services such as neighbourhood centres and community legal centres anywhere in NSW.

Presenter: Nick Manning, Community Educator and Front Office Coordinator at RLC

Enquiries: Nick Manning on (02) 9698 7277 (Tuesdays to Fridays) or email



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