Annual subscriptions

Save on paperwork - get an annual subscription for yourself or your agency.

You may save money too, compared to paying for individual bookings for each person for each webinar: 

  • A small agency with up to 10 staff: If 2 staff attend 4 webinars - save $350.
  • A medium agency with 21-40 staff: If 10 staff attend 2 webinars - save $1010.
  • A large agency with 101-1000 staff: If 30 staff attend 1 webinar - save $1510.


"Thanks for the webinars. They've been helpful for our team who cover areas from Central Coast - Grafton - Moree - Broken Hill and Dubbo. You've made specialised training very achievable for us."
- Kristen, Regional Manager, NSW not-for-profit agency


For a single annual fee, subscribers get access for all staff to:

  • all live webinars (limits apply*)
  • the video recording of each webinar
  • training videos and other resources from time to time.

* Maximum 30 staff per live webinar, and until full.

You can subscribe as an individual, or as a single branch or section, or group of branches (eg. a region or diocese), or all branches in NSW - you decide what works for you.


Annual subscription fees

individual (paying the fee yourself, not reimbursed) $190
1 - 10 paid staff* $290
11 - 20 paid staff* $390
21 - 40 paid staff* $590
41 - 100 paid staff* $790
101 - 1000 paid staff* $890
more than 1000 paid staff* price on application
concession not available

* Can be the whole organisation or a single branch.


Purchase an annual subscription

Online subscription form: Simply submit the subscription form and your subscription starts immediately. You can pay now by credit card, or get an invoice to pay later by direct bank transfer or credit card.

Enquiries: Contact Nick Manning on

When will the subscription start and finish? Your subscription starts as soon as you submit the subscription form, so you can make webinar bookings straight away. Subscriptions expire on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. Your subscription will expire on the next expiry date after 12 months has elapsed. This means your subscription runs for between 12 months and 15 months (but you only pay for 12 months).

Please note: RLC publishes the list of subscribers to assist the booking process. We may also name some subscriber agencies in our promotions. Only the agency name is published - contact details remain private.


Current subscribers

See the list of Current Subscribers and Subscriber Numbers.


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