RLC in the Media: NSW Introduces Police Powers To Search People With Drug Dealing Convictions Without A Warrant

A two-year pilot program launched on Monday will give NSW Police the power to randomly stop and search any person with a drug-dealing conviction in the last 10 years without needing a warrant.

Millie Roberts reports for Junkee

The scheme has been initially launched in Bankstown, Dubbo, Hunter Valley, and Coffs Harbour, with plans to expand its rollout over the two-year period.

RLC spoke to Junkee today expressing concern about the new police powers.

She told Junkee that without review and oversight, orders like these can see unlawful searches take place.

“Whenever additional police powers are introduced, there must be a focus on what police powers already exist, and whether the new police powers are justified,” she said.

“All too often we see through our casework that new or expanded police powers tend to be used to disproportionately target people already vulnerable to over-policing such as First Nations people, youth, and people experiencing financial disadvantage.”

Read the full article (Junkee, 19 May 2022)