RLC in the Media: Landmark court decision will help workers recover unpaid wages

A landmark court decision has overturned a 10-year legal precedent made as part of a JobWatch underpayment case, listed for further hearings in July.

Sally Brooks reports for ABC

Employment Rights Legal Service coordinator and RLC employment solicitor Sharmilla Bargon described the court decision as a "huge win" for underpaid workers.

"We hope that this decision will also provide workers [with] protection against 'phoenixing': where an employer closes a business, avoids paying employee wages, declares insolvency, and then sets up a new company under a new name and hires new workers."

But Ms Bargon said further reform is still needed to protect vulnerable migrant workers, including an "efficient, accessible, and inexpensive" dispute resolution mechanism for workers to recover all unpaid entitlements and superannuation.

Read full article (ABC News, 31 May 2022)