RLC in the Media: Getting ripped off by your employer

Chantelle was thrilled when she got an after-school job at Subway. But she soon suspected she was being underpaid.

She's now taking the fast food giant to the Fair Work Commission.

Hospitality is one of the worst-offending industries when it comes to wage theft, according to a senate committee report handed down last week. It found underpayment in Australian workplaces is "systemic, sustained and shameful".

So what should you do if you think you're being ripped off by your employer?

Redfern Legal Centre's employment law solicitor, Sharmilla Bargon, speaks to Triple J's Hack.

"Whenever anyone is in any doubt, I really encourage them to take action," she said.

"You can look on the Fair Work Ombudsman website and check your pay rate against the modern award that you might be paid under and absolutely go to a local community legal centre such as the Employment Rights Legal Service."

"We absolutely encourage people to investigate this, stand up for yourself and take action."

Listen to the full story and interview here. (Triple J Hack, 4 April 2022)