RLC in the Media: Call for police to release 'safe driving' policy

Redfern Legal Centre has called on the NSW Police Force to release its policy on "safe driving" as a matter of urgency following the death of 16-year-old Jai Wright after a collision with an unmarked police car.

ABC Sydney reports 

RLC police accountability solicitor Samantha Lee said the policy issued to police patrols remained "shrouded in secrecy", despite previous deaths during police pursuits in NSW.

A police investigation into the incident is underway. Although we do not know yet the complete details of Mr Wright’s death and whether in fact a police pursuit was involved, Lee said this tragic incident was a timely reminder of the issues around police pursuits.

“NSW State Coroners have made numerous recommendations about safe driving in the context of police pursuits, but we still don’t know if NSW Police acted on these recommendations,” Ms Lee said.

"It's time for NSW Police to let the public know what policies and procedures are in place to prevent such horrific incidents," she said.

Full article: Call for police to release 'safe driving' policy (ABC Sydney News, 22 February 2022)