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Police Complaints

Media release: Over 4000 strip searches conducted in NSW during COVID-19
22 August 2022

Latest NSW Police strip-search figures show that throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people...

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Domestic Violence

RLC Media Release: Financial abuse service creates lasting change in first year of operation
18 December 2020

RLC's Financial Abuse Service NSW is commemorating its first year of service.

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RLC Media Release: Migrant workers locked out from welfare left homeless and hungry
07 April 2020

Thousands of migrant workers will be left destitute without immediate access to welfare payments during...

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MEDIA ALERT: Truth, Justice and the Redfern Way: Redfern Legal Centre’s comedy FUN–raiser is back!
25 February 2020

Get ready for a huge night of laughs when Sydney’s hottest comedians stand up for social justice at Giant...

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Money Problems & Consumer Complaints

Media Release: Redfern Legal Centre takes aim at financial abuse
05 December 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Thursday 5 December 2019

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Media Alert: Redfern Legal Centre to launch University of New South Wales report calling for changes to NSW strip-search laws
08 August 2019


On Thursday, 22 August at 10am, Redfern...

International Students

Media Release: ‘My Legal Mate’: Putting the law in students’ pockets
12 April 2019

Redfern Legal Centre launches innovative new legal assistance app for international students....

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Media Release: Sexual harassment at work rife due to 'broken laws'
01 April 2019

Kingsford Legal Centre, Redfern Legal Centre, Women’s Legal Service NSW and the National Association of...

Media Release: RLC International Student Solicitor Sean Stimson honoured with NSW Human Rights Medal
01 March 2019

Solicitor Sean Stimson, the head of Redfern Legal Centre’s International Student Service NSW, has been...

Tenancy & Housing

MEDIA RELEASE: Reforms to Tenancy Act will help victims of domestic violence but could go further
07 July 2016

5 July 2016

Redfern Legal Centre welcome the reforms to the Residential Tenancy Act ...

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Discrimination & Human Rights

Media release: Decision not to proceed with Anti-Discrimintion Bill disappointing
21 March 2013

Today the Federal Government has announced that it will not proceed with the Human Rights and Anti-...

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