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Fact Sheets

Factsheet: Visa information for international students in NSW
26 August 2020

This factsheet provides visa information for international students studying in NSW during COVID-19.

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Media Releases

Media Release: ‘My Legal Mate’: Putting the law in students’ pockets
12 April 2019

Redfern Legal Centre launches innovative new legal assistance app for international students....

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Papers & Journals

RLC Briefing Paper: Combatting Exploitation of International Students in the Workforce
20 April 2017

In RLC's experience, international students frequently have a visa issue associated with their legal...

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Submission: Inquiry into the impact of gambling
25 March 2014

Research shows that a higher proportion of international students are problem or at-risk gamblers when...

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RLC Tip of the Week: AIBT International Students
11 March 2019

Redfern Legal Centre is aware that a large number of international students have been affected by...

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