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Submission: Review of the Surveillance Devices Amendment (Police Body-Worn Video) Act 2014
10 July 2018

RLC and the ALS have made a joint submission to the NSW Government Review of the Surveillance Devices...

Submission: ALRC Inquiry into the Incarceration Rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
29 September 2017

In this submission, Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) focuses on the impact of policing on the incarceration rate...

Submission: Review of Alcohol Restriction Zones
11 February 2016

RLC has contributed to the City of Sydney's review of all its alcohol restrictions, including Alcohol Free...

Submission: A review of Police Oversight in New South Wales
25 June 2015

RLC made a submission with regards to Police Oversight powers as a form of police misconduct, which in...

Submission: In response to the NSW Law Reform Commission's Questions for Discussion
22 July 2011

While RLC does not generally represent people in court who have been charged with criminal matters, we...

Submission: On review of Local Court sentencing powers
30 July 2010

The RLC opposes any increase in the sentencing jurisdiction of the Local Court.