Submission: In relation to the consolidation of Federal Discrimination Laws

This is the first submission jointly made by the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC) and a number of Community Legal Centres (CLCs) across Australia regarding Federal Discrimination laws.

NACLC welcomes the Attorney-General's decision to consolidate federal discrimination laws. The process is an important opportunity for the Government to consider the effectiveness of the current legislative regime and to address gaps in the system.

In the view of NACLC and the CLCs involved in this submission, federal discrimination law needs to be enhanced to enshrine Australia's international human rights obligations into domestic law, and to promote substantive equality. 

We recommended that the government consolidate the current federal discrimination legislation into an Equality Act. However, the consolidation project should not reduce current protections against discrimination contained in federal legislation. Rather, the aim of the project should be to ensure substantive equality for individuals.