RLC in the Media: How necessary is a public drug strip search?

Sam Lee talks to radio 2ser in the wake of a NSW Police drug search operation which saw commenters searched at Central Station last Wednesday afternoon.

Redfern Legal Centre's police powers solicitor Sam Lee discussed the rise in police strip searches across NSW over the past four years, and talked about RLC's Safe and Sound campaign, which is calling for NSW strip-search laws to be changed.

“Strip search laws are the only laws that I know of where a child as young as 10 is allowed to take off all their clothes in a foreign room and no-one questions this,” Sam Lee said. 

”It’s about time that we put strip-search laws on the table and say that they are antiquated; they don’t adhere to child protection principles; they’re humiliating for all concerned - adults and children - and it’s time that they stopped."

Listen to the full radio interview here (2SER, 18 March 2019)