Factsheet No. 3: Police Search Powers

This factsheet aims to help you understand police powers in regards to strip searches.

When conducting a strip search police must comply with the legislative requirements under the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002 (NSW) (‘LEPRA’). If they don’t, the search may be unlawful.

Police may stop, search and detain a person if they suspect on reasonable grounds a person has in their possession or under their control:

  • Anything stolen or unlawfully obtained
  • Anything used or intended to be used in connection with a serious offence
  • A dangerous article – including a gun, a detonator or other prohibited weapon – that is being, was used in, or in connection with a serious offence
  • A prohibited plant or drug.

This factsheet includes information on police powers and strip searches, including the legal requirements police must follow when conducting a strip search.

Download the factsheet: