Factsheet: Elder Support – What you Need to Know Before Making Big Financial Decisions for You and Your Family

This factsheet discusses strategies to support you in making good financial decisions as you age, and where to seek help if things go wrong.

Challenging situations can be avoided by careful planning, getting advice and accessing support when problems arise.

Financial decisions as you get older

  • Are you being forced by others to make uncomfortable financial decisions?
  • Do you want to avoid family disagreements and disputes about money as you age?
  • Did you know moving in with children or selling/transferring your home may affect your Centrelink or Aged Pension?

As you age, you may feel more dependent on others to care for you and worry about how you will manage without their support.

Most people trust their families, loved ones and carers to do the right thing, and leave it too late to seek legal advice if things go wrong.

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