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Push for more social and affordable housing for Aboriginal people in inner Sydney
08 April 2021 Over 20 local community and legal groups, including Redfern Legal Centre, have joined forces as the Redfern Waterloo Alliance of Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations and Allies to start a campaign for more social and affordable housing. 
Increased protections for renters needed as moratorium on evictions ends in NSW
29 March 2021 A coalition of 40 tenants’ advocacy groups and NGOs led by the Tenants Union of NSW are calling for greater protections for renters. 
Looking for share accomodation? Check out RLC's Share Housing Survival Guide
14 March 2021 With uni back in session for another year, it's a busy time for students looking for accommodation.
RLC endorses Renting and Coronavirus Statement
18 June 2020 RLC stands with Tenants' Union of NSW and 70+ other housing and community organisations and housing researchers calling on National Cabinet to support renters stay in their homes and out of debt during the COVID-19 crisis.
From Millers Point to Waterloo: RLC forum on public housing redevelopment
25 June 2019 In June, RLC hosted a community forum on the impact of public housing redevelopment and displacement, launching a new resource to support public housing tenants seeking urgent repairs.
Safe as Houses? From Millers Point to Waterloo
28 May 2019 A free community panel discussion on public housing redevelopment, relocation and displacement.
Relocation/dislocation: The catastrophic loss of community
30 November 2018 The Millers Point community was built up over generations and withstood many attempts at dispersal over the years, before being ripped apart by public housing redevelopment. Could this be happening again in Waterloo?
Waterloo redevelopment: New RLC service to support tenants
29 November 2018 With the help of funding from the City of Sydney, Redfern Legal Centre has established an outreach service in the Waterloo community to provide legal advice to tenants about the proposed redevelopment of the Waterloo Public Housing Estate.
Jan’s story: fractured community
21 November 2018 Jan* was a public housing resident from Millers Point, whose family had lived in the area for generations.
Public housing tenants fight for their place in the city
21 November 2018 Public housing tenants are standing firm as public housing redevelopment in Waterloo and Redfern threaten their homes. Authors Pratichi Chatterjee, Alistair Sisson, Jenna Condie and Laura Wynne report for The Conversation.