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Redfern Legal Centre works to make positive change to laws, the legal system and society in the area of Police Complaints.

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Strip searches and the law: Project Podcast 2020
10 February 2020 New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties (NSWCCL), Redfern Legal Centre and 2SER are collaborating on Strip searches and the law: Project Podcast.
Panel Discussion: 'Strip searches, drugs dogs & ID - do you know your rights?'
14 November 2019 On Tuesday 26 November, Redfern Legal Centre will be holding a free panel discussion about the use of police powers in NSW.
'I had done absolutely nothing wrong': Lucy Moore speaks out about being strip searched
26 August 2019 On 22 August, Redfern Legal Centre released the report ‘Rethinking Strip Searches by NSW Police’ prepared by Dr Michael Grewcock and Dr Vicki Sentas from the Faculty of Law at UNSW Sydney.
UNSW Report: Rethinking Strip Searches by NSW Police
22 August 2019 Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) is calling for immediate amendments to NSW strip-search laws as research reveals an almost twentyfold increase in strip searches in less than 12 years.
Panel discussion: 'Does NSW have a strip search problem?'
10 April 2019 On Thursday 16 May, Redfern Legal Centre will be holding a free panel discussion about the overuse of police strip searches in NSW.
An update on RLC's Safe and Sound campaign
11 March 2019 RLC's Safe and Sound campaign has been very active over the summer festival season, and we continue to hear many disturbing accounts of police strip search activity.
Media Release: NSW Parliamentary Committee Calls on NSW Police To Release “Hidden” Policing Blacklist Policy
21 September 2018 The NSW Parliament Law and Safety Committee has just released a report calling on NSW police to make publicly available details surrounding a “hidden” blacklist used by police to target children as young as nine.
New Crown Land Legislation Grants Police Powers to Stop Protest
20 July 2018 On July 1, the Crown Land Management Act 2016 (NSW) (‘the Act’) and many provisions of the Crown Land Management Regulation 2018 (‘the Regulation’) came into effect.
Tip-Off: RLC's UNSW Police Powers Clinic
28 November 2017 As part of RLC's​ UNSW Police Powers clinic, held during Spring semester 2017, students were asked to research and create two short legal information videos targeting their peers.
Policing Young People in NSW: A study of the Suspect Targeting Management Plan
21 November 2017 RLC is proud to have supported the development of the first publicly available study on the New South Wales Police Force Suspect Targeting Management Plan (STMP).