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Redfern Legal Centre works to make positive change to laws, the legal system and society in the area of Police Complaints.

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NSW police powers, fines and COVID-19: resources and factsheets
07 August 2020 RLC's police accountability practice has produced a number of resources about changes to COVID-19 public health orders in NSW, and information on payment and review options for people who have received penalty notices and court fines.
Black Lives Matter: a webinar on policing and justice reform
15 July 2020 RLC invites you to attend a free webinar on policing and justice reform in Australia.
Class actions investigation seeks to hold NSW Police to account for unlawful strip searches
25 June 2020 Redfern Legal Centre has joined forces with class actions experts Slater and Gordon to announce an investigation into class action claims against NSW Police concerning the use of invasive and unlawful strip searches. 
RLC announces free legal advice service for people in NSW with COVID-19 fines
24 June 2020 People in NSW who have received a COVID-19 on-the-spot fine can contact RLC for free legal advice.
RLC and Slater and Gordon announce NSW Strip Search Class Actions Investigation
27 May 2020 Redfern Legal Centre and Slater and Gordon Lawyers are teaming up to investigate potential class actions for people who have been unlawfully strip-searched by NSW Police in the last six years.
NSW COVID-19 Public Health Laws and Police Powers
03 April 2020 RLC has released a factsheet on new police powers introduced in NSW in response to COVID-19.
Strip searches and the law: Project Podcast 2020
10 February 2020 New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties (NSWCCL), Redfern Legal Centre and 2SER are collaborating on Strip searches and the law: Project Podcast.
Panel Discussion: 'Strip searches, drugs dogs & ID - do you know your rights?'
14 November 2019 On Tuesday 26 November, Redfern Legal Centre will be holding a free panel discussion about the use of police powers in NSW.
'I had done absolutely nothing wrong': Lucy Moore speaks out about being strip searched
26 August 2019 On 22 August, Redfern Legal Centre released the report ‘Rethinking Strip Searches by NSW Police’ prepared by Dr Michael Grewcock and Dr Vicki Sentas from the Faculty of Law at UNSW Sydney.
UNSW Report: Rethinking Strip Searches by NSW Police
22 August 2019 Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) is calling for immediate amendments to NSW strip-search laws as research reveals an almost twentyfold increase in strip searches in less than 12 years.