Working for Change - International Students

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RLC undertook research that revealed that international students are a highly vulnerable group of people who have very little support in Australia both in terms of family and social networks but also in terms of services available to them.

As a result of this information we launched a state wide generalist advice service for international students in NSW. Students can receive advice face-to-face, by phone or via video link-up.

International students are separated from their social support systems, often have limited understanding of the Australian legal system and in some cases limited English skills. These factors mean that international students are vulnerable to exploitation. Many of our clients have been exploited by their employers, who take advantage of their lack of knowledge about minimum wage and working conditions in Australia. Another common issue is housing scams and overcrowding.

RLC has created this specific service to fill a gap in service delivery for a highly vulnerable group who were not able to acess the justice system previously.

Engaging international students with legal issues on social media
03 May 2017 Since April 2017, RLC has been working with students to produce a series of short online videos offering legal tips for international students.
International students exploited by unscrupulous landlords
11 June 2015 The rising cost of living in Sydney has led to a boom in overcrowded housing that does not meet the standards of tenancy legislation or local council health and safety regulations.