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RLC in the Media: Concern over exploitation of international students at work
23 June 2014 RLC's International Student solicitor, Kate Gauld, speaks to Widyan Al Ubudy of SBS World News Radio, on the particular vulnerabilities of international students in relation to work place rights.
Case study: Licence misunderstanding ends up in court
29 April 2014 Sebastian (not his real name) was an international student from Mozambique attending university in Sydney.
NSW Gambling Enquiry
29 April 2014 RLC recently prepared a submission for the NSW Select Committee on the Impact of Gambling.
RLC in the Media: Innocents abroad ripe for home rip-offs
20 March 2014 XIN Zhao (not her real name) says she and three fellow students shared a two-bedroom apartment in Sydney’s CBD for seven months. Then, last September, their landlord demanded the rent early.
RLC Video - An International Students' Guide to Share Housing
11 March 2014 A short video guide for international students on how to protect your rights in share housing.
Case Study: Unfairly treated, unfairly dismissed?
28 February 2014 Suzie (not her real name) was an international student who had been working as a casual bartender at a Sydney hotel for almost three years. There was a change in management and Suzie began reporting to a new boss, Bob.
Case Study: International students exploited in housing arrangements
17 December 2013 Three international students from China, Yin, Zhen and Zi, moved into a central-city apartment together after seeing an advertisement for the property on a Chinese language website.
RLC in the Media: World-class study environments
16 December 2013 “Just imagine what your future could hold after studying in Australia. It’s unlimited, isn’t it?”
RLC in the Media: Planned influx of foreign students sparks concern
21 November 2013 RLC's International Student Solicitor Kate Gauld speaks with SBS World News on students living in expensive, overcrowded and unsafe accomodation.
Studying in Australia: A world-class opportunity or an opportunity to be exploited?
29 October 2013 ‘Just imagine what your future could hold after studying in Australia. It’s unlimited, isn’t it?” So says the “Win Your Future” competition launched recently by Trade and Investment Minister, Andrew Robb.