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Universities to survey international students about exploitation
10 April 2019 The Migrant Worker Justice Initiative launched a nationwide survey seeking feedback from international students about the experience of exploitation at work and by accommodation providers.
Stay Safe in our State - Advice for International Students
20 March 2019 NSW Police Force have created a series of videos for international students studying in NSW
RLC International Student Solicitor Sean Stimson honoured with NSW Human Rights Medal
01 March 2019 Solicitor Sean Stimson, the head of Redfern Legal Centre’s International Student Service NSW, has been awarded the NSW Human Rights Medal in recognition of services rendered to the 260,000 international students studying across NSW.
The 2018 International Education Providers Forum
13 November 2018 In November, RLC took part in the 2018 International Education Providers Forum at Sydney Town Hall.
RLC in the Media: RLC speaks to ThePIE about international student exploitation
15 February 2017 RLC's international student solicitor Sean Stimson spoke to ThePIE about his work, assisting almost 250,000 international students across NSW with a wide range of legal issues, from tenancy to employment.
RLC in the Media: 'Business models' exploit international students
10 January 2017 International students living in Sydney are increasingly being targeted by employers who are taking advantage of their ignorance of workers rights. RLC's international student solicitor Sean Stimson spoke to the Inner West Courier.
Top Tips for International Students: Transferring between educational providers
13 September 2016 International students seeking to transfer between education providers can find this a complicated and legally cumbersome process.
International students' rights threatened by sham contract
14 June 2016 International students, like those embroiled in the 7-Eleven scandal, are increasingly falling victim to unfair employers who exploit their rights as employees.
RLC on ABC RN Background Briefing
06 June 2016 Anne Arnold investigates the exploitation of international students in the Australian workplace.
International student workers owed thousands in underpayments
07 April 2016 Following the 7-Eleven employment scandal and subsequent assurances from the Federal Government offered to employees who may have breached their visa conditions, numbers of complainants rose from the low hundreds to just over two thousand.