Working for Change - Government Complaints

RLC works to bring about positive change to laws, the legal system and procedures in the area of Government Complaints. RLC's work in this area is based on our clients' experience in interacting with government agencies and tribunals.

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Administrative Processes

RLC provides information, advice and advocacy to clients who wish to make complaints against government decisions. Often the administrative processes in place for people to complain are complex and time and labour intensive. Many review tribunals are cheap to access, but legal advice is not. Failure to properly explain complaint or review decisions often increases the person's dissatisfaction with the government agency, and with the legal system in general. RLC sees its role in this area of law as assisting people to better understand and use existing complaints processes to assert their rights where they believe the government has failed them.

Housing NSW Policies and Procedures

RLC's Administrative Law Practice works closely with the Tenancy Advice and Advocacy Service to ensure that the policies, procedures and practices of Housing NSW comply with their legal obligations. RLC's structure focuses on six key areas of law, allowing teams to work together on legal problems that are cross-disciplinary in nature. As many of our tenancy clients are Housing NSW tenants and have a government department as their landlord, tenancy and administrative law or government complaints work together regularly.