Government Complaints

What is this service?

RLC provides free, confidential advice on administrative law and government complaints.

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Common Issues

  • Decision-making by government agencies
  • Use or misuse of law enforcement powers
  • Freedom of Information
  • Privacy

How to access this service

Fill in the online enquiry form or call us on (02) 9698 7277. Catchment area applies.

More Information

Law Access NSW can provide legal information on administrative law issues over the phone 1300 888 529

Office of the Privacy Commissioner can take written complaints relating to concerns about privacy law 1300 363 992

NSW Ombudsman accepts complaints about police, government agencies, local government, community services, child protection, correctional centres and freedom of information 9286 1000

Law Enforcement Conduct Commission investigates allegations of serious police misconduct 1800 657 079

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) investigates complaints about corrupt conduct and maladministration by government agencies 8281 5999

NSW Police GIPA Information Access Unit 9689 7122 administers decision making relating to applications for information held by police under the Government Information (Public Access) Act. Forms are available from the NSW Police website.

Commonwealth Ombudsman accepts complaints about Centrelink, Australia Post, issues relating to Commonwealth FOI requests, Federal Police, Immigration and the ATO 1300 362 072