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New NSW laws to prevent incitement of violence
20 August 2018 New laws prohiting the threat or incitement of violence against any person on the grounds of race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex or HIV/AIDS status came into effect in NSW this month.
New USyd legal clinic launches at RLC
01 August 2017 A new student clinic at RLC is giving students from the University of Sydney practical experience in employment, discrimination and human rights law.
RLC providing community assistance with NSW Stolen Generations Reparations Scheme
13 July 2017 In December 2016, the NSW government announced a long-awaited compensation package for members of the Stolen Generations.
Reform needed to protect older Australians
10 June 2016 RLC welcomes the Willing to Work report from the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), which again seeks to strengthen the accessibility and impact of anti-discrimination laws.
RLC on ABC PM with Mark Colvin
13 May 2016 RLC solicitor Linda Tucker weighs in on the Government's proposed $200 a week internship scheme, declared 'illegal' by the Australian Council of Trade Unions.
Fighting racial vilification: less talk, more action?
07 April 2016 There have been no prosecutions in the 26 years since the provisions creating a criminal offence for serious racial vilification became part of the NSW Anti Discrimination Act (ADA). In other words, these provisions have never been used.
Inquiry into access for students with a disability in education
27 September 2015 The government has established an inquiry into the education system, in response to long-standing accessibility problems for students with disabilities.
Government crackdown on discrimination against Indigenous tenants
27 September 2015 The NSW Government is joining forces with the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW to combat racism in the rental market.
Debate over RDA and section 18C continues
26 September 2015 Section 18C of the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) is among the laws highlighted as having potential to interfere with Australians’ civil liberties in a recent Australian Law Reform Commission report.
Age discrimination looms large
11 June 2015 A recent national survey has revealed nearly a third of older workers have experienced age discrimination.