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RLC in the Media: 'He was distraught': Family of Aboriginal boy who was kicked to the floor by a cop slam the officer and say children shouldn't be mistreated because they're 'lippy'
3 June 2020 An indigenous teenager who had his legs kicked out from underneath him while he was arrested was 'distraught' following the ordeal. Brittany Chain reports for Daily Mail Australia
RLC in the Media: NSW cops concerned about indigenous arrest
2 June 2020 Police are investigating after an indigenous teenager was taken to hospital with minor injuries following his arrest in Sydney for allegedly threatening an officer. Gus McCubbing reports for Australian Associated Press
RLC in the Media: police officer under investigation after slamming Indigenous boy face-first on to pavement
2 June 2020 A Sydney police officer is under investigation after slamming Indigenous boy face-first on to pavement. The Constable has been placed on restricted duties after footage emerged on Facebook showing him tripping up 16-year-old during arrest in NSW,...
RLC in the Media: Possible class action over alleged unlawful misuse of strip searches
27 May 2020 Lawyers investigating the possibility of a class action say victims should be compensated and they are calling for an overhaul of strip search laws Cassandra Bain Reports for SBS News
RLC in the Media: Law firms look to launch landmark strip-search class action against NSW police
27 May 2020 Exclusive: Lawyers say legal action could help ensure legislative change in New South Wales. Michael McGowan reports for Guardian Australia  
RLC in the Media: NSW Police could face class action over unlawful strip searches
27 May 2020 The NSW Police are likely to be pursued in a class action lawsuit over unlawful strip searches, which included children, dating back to 2014. Alison Xiao reports for ABC
RLC in the Media: Cycling without a helmet in these suburbs the 'quickest route to police search'
25 May 2020 NSW Police have been accused of using bike fines as a "hidden justice system" to enable searches of poor and vulnerable people, with new data obtained under freedom of information laws showing penalties are soaring in some suburbs while others have...
RLC in the Media: Illegally strip-searching teens isn’t “serious misconduct”, oversight body rules
18 May 2020 According to the lone police oversight body in NSW, the practice of strip searching teenagers does not equate to ‘serious misconduct’. Paul Gregoire reports for The Big Smoke
RLC in the Media: International students are trapped in exploitation
17 May 2020 On the structural inequalities international students face in the workforce and the dangers of reporting workplace exploitation. Catherine Ku reports for Honi Soit
RLC in the Media: Police strip-searches of festival teens were ‘unlawful,’ inquiry finds
11 May 2020 An independent inquiry has handed down its findings regarding the behaviour of police at two music festivals, which left several children traumatised by the experience. Lars Brandle reports for The Industry Observer