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RLC in the Media: Punters Strip-Searched At Splendour Have Been Urged To Join A New Class Action Lawsuit
16 November 2021 Class action lawyers believe hundreds of young Australians were unlawfully strip-searched at Splendour In The Grass festivals between 2016 and 2019, and are calling for these people to join the case against the New South Wales Police.
RLC in the Media: People strip searched at Splendour in the Grass could get thousands in compensation
16 November 2021 People who were strip searched at Splendour in the Grass could be entitled to thousands in compensation.
RLC in the Media: Revellers strip searched at Splendour in the Grass near Byron Bay could be entitled to thousands in compensation
16 November 2021 Festivalgoers who were strip searched by New South Wales Police at Splendour in the Grass could be entitled to tens of thousands in compensation, class action investigators say.
RLC in the Media: Redfern Legal Centre police powers solicitor ‘bombarded’ by calls from people who’ve been wrongly fined under COVID-19 public health orders
16 October 2021 NSW Police have dropped just 22 of more than 34,000 fines issued for COVID-19 breaches in the first eight months of the year.
RLC in the Media: Do you think you've been hit with an unfair COVID fine?
8 October 2021 Redfern Legal Centre's Police Accountability solicitor, Samantha Lee, spoke to A Current Affair about the number of calls the centre has been receiving about potentially unlawful Covid-19 fines. 
RLC in the Media: ‘Ridiculous’: NSW police accused of handing out unfair Covid fines and targeting young people
7 October 2021 Legal centres are being ‘bombarded’ by people who say they’ve been wrongly fined for lockdown breaches.
RLC in the Media: “Majority” of COVID fines in NSW are bogus, expert claims
7 October 2021 Millions of dollars in Covid fines have already been handed out in NSW, and increased penalties are now in force across the state – which is likely to see the figure spike.
RLC in the Media: Proposed life code changes 'not enough': consumer advocates
4 October 2021 Consumer advocates say they have many concerns over proposed updates to the Life Insurance Code of Practice in a joint submission to the Financial Services Council (FSC).
RLC in the Media: NSW Police powers challenged
4 October 2021 The Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers (ACFL) is challenging several New South Wales Police powers under the COVID-19 public health orders in the Supreme Court.
RLC in the Media: COVID fines for July and August dwarf the total for all of 2020
29 September 2021 The latest statistics from Revenue NSW reveal that in July and August more than 28,000 COVID fines were issued, whihc is 13 times the number of fines issued during the whole of last year. ABC News reports