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RLC in the Media: Covid's impact on international students
6 July 2020 RLC's international student solicitor Sean Stimson discusses supports provided by the NSW Government to international students. Erielle Sudario reports for 2sers Razor's Edge
RLC in the Media: Complaints against police exceed targets in two out of three NSW districts
5 July 2020 Two-thirds of NSW police stations had an excessive number of complaints made against officers last year, with one western Sydney area receiving nearly one complaint for every three officers. Pallavi Singhal and Angus Thompson report for the...
RLC in the Media: Family await answers after teen's arrest
5 July 2020 The father of an Indigenous teenager who had his legs kicked out from beneath him while being arrested in Sydney is waiting for the police officer to be punished. Ashlea Witoslawski reports for the AAP
RLC in the Media: Citizen Journalism and Technology: Holding Police to Account
30 June 2020 Advances in technology have enabled citizens with portable equipment to record and post incidents of police violence.  These people are commonly referred to as citizen journalists. Faith Gordon and Hannah Klose report for Monash Lens
RLC in the Media: One in four international students earn less than half the minimum wage
30 June 2020 More than three-quarters of international students earn below the minimum casual wage and one in four earns less than $12 an hour – less than half the minimum casual hourly rate. Anna Patty Reports for The Sydney Morning Herald
RLC in the Media: International student Andres tried to access his super but realised it had never been paid
29 June 2020 SBS News hears from students who have not been able to access their superannuation payments made available by the government, speaking to RLC employment solicitor, Sharmilla Bargon. Catalina Florez reports for SBS News
RLC in the Media: Data that shows NSW Police target Indigenous people for strip-searches 'could be doubled': Legal experts
17 June 2020 New figures show Indigenous people are significantly over-represented in data tracking NSW Police strip-searches, and solicitors from Redfern Legal Centre and the National Justice Project fear the reality of those numbers is much worse. Shahni...
RLC in the Media: Multilingual campaign targets escalating elder abuse during coronavirus outbreak
16 June 2020 A new campaign in six different languages is aiming to highlight the issue of elder abuse, which organisations say is getting worse due to the pandemic. SBS News reports.
RLC in the Media: NSW police disproportionately target Indigenous people in strip searches
16 June 2020 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people represented 12% of police strip searches in NSW in two years despite comprising just over 3% of the population. Michael McGowan reports for Guardian Australia
RLC in the Media: COVID-19 fines in NSW alone totalled more than $1 million
15 June 2020 NSW Police handed out more than $1 million in fines amid the coronavirus pandemic in just over five weeks, with $50,000 in fines given to children, figures reveal. Sarah Keoghan reports for Sydney Morning Herald