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RLC in the Media: Data reveals Indigenous people in regional NSW targeted by police strip searches
17 September 2020 New data provided by the Redfern Legal Centre has revealed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in New South Wales are disproportionately targeted for police strip searches. Mikele Syron reports for NITV News.
RLC in the Media: Thousands of international students are running out of money
17 September 2020 Thousands of international students say they are unable to pay for food or rent after losing their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, and many fear they will run out of money soon. Anna Patty reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.
RLC in the Media: $60,000 in debt she knew nothing about, Ella fled her abusive relationship
16 September 2020 Ella, whose real name cannot be used for legal reasons, is still paying off $60 000 in debt piled on her by her former partner more than three years after she escaped the abusive relationship. Lucy Cormack reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.
RLC in the Media: Drug on-the-spot fines save justice system thousands of dollars
14 September 2020 Festival drug users being fined has saved the criminal justice system nearly $200,000 but experts say the scheme could be unfair to those in disadvantaged circumstances. Laura Chung reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.
RLC in the Media: Concerns raised over police body worn video decision
28 August 2020 An internal review examining the use of police Body Worn Video (BWV) in NSW has concluded police should retain discretion about when to activate their BWV cameras, citing privacy concerns. But RLC solicitor Samantha Lee says that it is in...
RLC in the Media: Black Lives Matter - A Roadmap for Policing and Justice Reform
25 August 2020 In August, ABC Radio National aired highlights from an online discussion calling for policing and justice reform in Australia, in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.  Facilitated by Larissa Behrendt (UTS). ...
RLC in the Media: Review of legal framework around video cameras worn by police released
25 August 2020 A review of video cameras worn by police has been released by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice.
RLC in the Media: Coronavirus has made financial abuse more common, experts say.
15 August 2020 "Economic abuse is really pervasive where family violence is present," said Alison Macdonald, the CEO Of Domestic Violence Victoria.
RLC in the Media: NSW Police body-cam discretion to stay
13 August 2020 NSW Police will continue to allow its officers to choose when to activate body-worn video (BWV) cameras and when not to, despite calls from the legal profession to require that the devices be activated whenever powers are exercised. Justin...
RLC in the Media: International students 'robbed' of super
20 July 2020 When the coronavirus pandemic wiped out other job opportunities, international student Andres Puerto decided to withdraw his superannuation and put the money into a bike hire business. But when he went to do so, the money wasn't there. Katina...