More RLC in the Media

RLC in the Media: Stolen Generations Reparations Scheme closes soon – help to apply
5 April 2022 Maureen Randall from Redfern Legal Centre encourages First Nations Elders who may be eligible for ex-gratia payments under the Stolen Generations Reparation Scheme to talk to her soon because time is running out.
RLC in the Media: Getting ripped off by your employer
4 April 2022 Chantelle was thrilled when she got an after-school job at Subway. But she soon suspected she was being underpaid.
RLC in the Media: This teenager says Subway ripped her off, and she's taking her fight to the Fair Work Commission
2 April 2022 Chantelle Zentveld, 17, was thrilled when she got an after-school job at the fast-food franchise Subway, but she soon suspected she was being underpaid. 
RLC in the Media: Why Does Australia Still Make Laws That Are Detrimental to Aboriginal People?
25 March 2022 The gap in inequality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is depressingly vast, and nowhere is this better illustrated than in the legal and justice system.
RLC in the Media: Block a Bridge or Tunnel ~ $22,000 fines for protestors
24 March 2022 New penalties have been introduced for protesters who block major traffic infrastructure in NSW. 
RLC in the media: Federal review of international student working hours prompts concern
16 March 2022 An upcoming review of overseas students’ working hours raises the possibility of changes being reversed and risks uncertainty for those in precarious working conditions. Khanh Tran reports for Honi Soit
RLC in the Media: New CEO to lead Redfern Legal Centre
10 March 2022 Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) has appointed Katherine McKernan to lead the organisation as its new CEO.
RLC in the Media: First Nations Communities, Disability & the Royal Commission, and the Police
7 March 2022 Samantha Lee, RLC police accountability solicitor, was interviewed for 3CR's Doin' Time about RLC's call on NSW Police to release their Safe Driving policy.
RLC in the media: Government agency uses “unlawful” automated debt collection system to target poor
28 February 2022 In November 2021 the NSW Ombudsman released a report revealing Revenue NSW used automated systems to unlawfully and forcibly collect debt from disadvantaged and financially vulnerable people since January 2016.