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RLC in the Media: Human rights lawyers need to think outside the box
22 June 2022 Kieran Pender, senior lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said his field is not “black letter lawyering.”
RLC in the Media: Landmark court decision will help workers recover unpaid wages
31 May 2022 A landmark court decision has overturned a 10-year legal precedent made as part of a JobWatch underpayment case, listed for further hearings in July. Sally Brooks reports for ABC
RLC in the Media: Law Society calls for NSW premier to urgently review thousands of COVID fines
27 May 2022 The NSW Law Society argues many fines issued to vulnerable residents are invalid, unfair and could trap disadvantaged people in debt Christopher Knaus reports for The Guardian
RLC in the Media: $42 million in unpaid COVID fines after lockdown blitz
22 May 2022 Three out of four COVID-19 fines are overdue, with more than 46,000 NSW residents owing $42 million between them.    Caitlin Fitszimmons reports for Sydney Morning Herald  
RLC in the Media: NSW Introduces Police Powers To Search People With Drug Dealing Convictions Without A Warrant
19 May 2022 A two-year pilot program launched on Monday will give NSW Police the power to randomly stop and search any person with a drug-dealing conviction in the last 10 years without needing a warrant. Millie Roberts reports for Junkee
RLC in the Media: Legal centres and employer groups call for better protections for migrant workers
19 May 2022 A national coalition of organisations is calling for better protections for migrant  workers to prevent wage theft.   Rhiana Whitson reports for ABC News  
RLC in the Media: Former students' fight for unpaid wages highlights loophole in Australia's legal system
16 May 2022 Kajal Limbachiya says she would sometimes sleep on the couch at the Indian restaurant where she worked when she had insufficient breaks between her shifts.
RLC in the Media: Australia is bringing migrant workers back – but exploitation is still rampant. Here are 3 changes needed now
16 May 2022 If the COVID years have taught us anything about migration, it is that Australia depends on it.
RLC in the Media: LECC determines serious misconduct in sexual touch case
9 May 2022 A NSW Police Officer has been found to have engaged in serious misconduct over treatment of a 15-year-old Aboriginal boy, which included flicking his exposed nipple and making a turkey noise, whilst the boy was sedated. Poppy Morandin reports
RLC in the Media: Unpaid fines in NSW reach $1 billion
28 April 2022 New South Wales residents owe $1 billion to the state government because of unpaid fines.