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RLC in the Media: SBS News - Indigenous children as young as 11 disproportionately targeted by strip-searches in NSW
2 November 2020 Indigenous children continue to be disproportionately targeted with strip-searches, making up about 21 per cent of all people aged between 10 and 17 years old strip-searched in the past financial year.   Maani Truu reports for SBS News
RLC in the Media: An 11-Year-Old Indigenous Child Was Among 96 Kids Strip-Searched By NSW Police Last Year
2 November 2020 Disturbing new data from NSW Police shows the deeply invasive – and potentially illegal – practice of strip-searching is still disproportionately targeting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, some of which are children as young as 11....
RLC in the Media: Police strip-searched 96 children in 2020, indigenous youth overrepresented
2 November 2020 Despite everything else this year has thrown at us, it seems the controversial strip-searching of children by New South Wales’ police continues unabated. As The Guardian’s Michael McGowan has noted, 96 have been searched in 2020, with some as young...
RLC in the Media: The abuse of police powers goes beyond recent protests
29 October 2020 The ‘funding cuts’ protest on 14 October was yet another demonstration of passionate, peaceful students’ action.  Except that this one received media coverage for all the wrong reasons. Professor Simon Rice writes for Honi Soit
RLC in the Media: Deaths in custody: David Dungay's mother tells NSW parliament 'the system is broken'
27 October 2020 Leetona Dungay addresses upper house inquiry saying law should be changed to help stop black deaths in custody
RLC in the Media: ‘No-one will believe you’
25 October 2020 When Kate was charged with assaulting her police officer partner, she had no idea how long she’d have to fight to be believed. Now, she’s fighting for change. Hayley Gleeson reports for ABC News.
RLC in the Media: Sean Stimson speaks to Hanho Korean Daily about RLC's International Student Legal Service NSW
23 October 2020 RLC lawyer Sean Stimson recently spoke to Hanho Korean Daily about RLC’s International Student Legal Service NSW, the My Legal Mate app, and how international students can access free legal advice. The interview was published in Korean. The...
RLC in the Media: High Court of Australia names 2 new judges
21 October 2020 Australia’s High Court has welcomed two new judges, replacing outgoing judges Geoffrey Nettle and Virginia Bell.
RLC in the Media: Financial independence is the hidden red flag of domestic violence no one talks about
20 October 2020 RLC financial abuse solicitor Jasmine Opdam recently spoke to Body+Soul as part of a series highlighting the experience of financial abuse survivors, financial abuse warning signs and where to get help. Sarrah Le Marquand (editor-in-chief) and...
RLC in the Media: You should never have to ask for access to your own money in a relationship
20 October 2020 After escaping from a violent relationship, Susie* explains why love doesn’t mean you have to ask for access to your money.