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RLC in the Media: Looser lending laws may lead to worse financial abuse, campaigners warn
16 November 2020 Financial rights and domestic violence campaigners warn the government's bid to loosen lines of credit as the nation recovers from recession will end up making financial abuse more frequent and severe. Katina Curtis reports for Sydney Morning...
RLC in the Media: Financial abuse: My husband was secretly spending my money
13 November 2020 Throughout the five years Sara* was married to Anton*, she was subjected to serious financial abuse.
RLC in the Media: NSW Greens Call For Radical Overhaul Of Invasive Police Strip Searches & Drug Dogs In New Bill
11 November 2020 The NSW Greens have introduced a bill in State Parliament to radically reform the use of strip searches and drug detection dogs by NSW Police. David Adams reports for Pedestrian TV.
RLC in the Media: Strip searches of Indigenous kids by NSW Police “increasing”
9 November 2020 New figures released by the Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) via freedom of information laws revealed that in the past year, NSW Police have continued to strip search dozens of children. This is despite public demands to cease and desist, and three...
RLC in the Media: Experts discuss financial abuse [VIDEO]
4 November 2020 Subject matter experts, including RLC solicitor Jasmine Opdam discuss what you should know about financial abuse and where you can go to get help.
RLC in the Media: Calls for Police Officers to Stop Strip-Searching Kids
4 November 2020 In the past year, NSW police officers have strip-searched 96 children and more than 20 percent of them were Indigenous.
RLC in the Media: ABC News - Nearly 100 young people strip-searched in NSW, and First Nations people are overrepresented in the statistics
3 November 2020 NSW police are under scrutiny after data obtained by the Redfern Legal Centre shows a rise in strip-searches of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.   Amelia Tan reports for ABC News 
RLC in the Media: Samantha Lee on Triple J's Hack program
2 November 2020 Nearly 100 young people have been strip-searched in New South Wales, and First Nations people are overrepresented in the statistics.    Hack Triple J reports for ABC News
RLC in the Media: ABC News Radio - Indigenous children disproportionately targeted by strip-searches in NSW
2 November 2020 Indigenous children continue to be disproportionately targeted with strip-searches, making up about 21 per cent of all people aged between 10 and 17 years old strip-searched in the past financial year.   Glen Bartholomew speaks to Police...
RLC in the Media: The Guardian - NSW police strip-searched 96 children in past year, some as young as 11
2 November 2020 Police in New South Wales have continued to strip-search dozens of children, some as young as 11, despite widespread condemnation of the controversial practice.   Michael McGowan reports for The Guardian.