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RLC in the Media: Almost 4,000 CHILDREN were hit with Covid fines of up to $5,000 - and now hundreds are WORKING OFF their debt to the state
25 July 2022 More than 3800 children in New South Wales have been fined by police for breaking Covid-19 rules as hundreds pay off fines through unpaid community work. Jess Hyland and Stephen Gibb report for Daily Mail Australia 
RLC in the Media: Sitting in a park, riding a bike: Covid fines in NSW riddled with problems, legal centres say
24 July 2022 Marginalised and disadvantaged groups bore the brunt of the state’s lockdown fines, according to community legal centres. Christopher Knaus reports for Guardian Australia
RLC in the Media: NSW sued over ‘unlawful’ strip searches at music festivals
24 July 2022 Music festival-goers who claim they were illegally stripsearched by NSW police are suing the state government for damages, with the then 27-year-old lead plaintiff claiming an officer inspected her genitalia and that a male police officer entered...
RLC in the Media: Group Class Action Against Invasive NSW Police Strip Searches
24 July 2022 10 News First: Breakfast speaks to Redfern Legal Centre Senior Solicitor Samantha about a landmark strip search class action against NSW police. 
RLC in the Media: Hundreds join class action against NSW Police strip searches at music festivals
23 July 2022 Redfern Legal Centre and law firm Slater and Gordon filed a statement of claim for the class action in the NSW Supreme Court on Friday, on behalf of several hundred people seeking damages from the state. Sue Daniel reports for ABC News
RLC in the Media: Strip search class action filed against state of NSW
22 July 2022 Slater and Gordon and Redfern Legal Centre have filed proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW against the state on behalf of people who were allegedly “invasively and unlawfully searched” by police at music festivals in recent years. Jerome...
RLC in the Media: Festivalgoers launch class action against state of NSW alleging unlawful strip-searches by police
22 July 2022 A statement of claim filed in the NSW Supreme Court is seeking damages and to ensure "this traumatising police practice becomes the exception, not the rule". Alex Gallagher reports for NME
RLC in the Media: Recipient of COVID fine tells of confusion as he challenges ticket in court
22 July 2022 With rapidly changing legislation during NSW’s 2021 Covid lockdown, business owners like Sonny Barkho became another digit within the 25,000 people who received COVID-related tickets during the month of August. Georgina Mitchell reports for...
RLC in the Media: NSW government suggested children as young as 10 could work off $1,000 Covid fines
21 July 2022 Exclusive: government rejected call by legal groups to replace Covid fines, issued to about 3,000 children, with cautions Christopher Knaus reports for Guardian Australia
RLC in the Media: Indigenous Australians losing driving licences and face crushing debts over NSW Covid fines, lawyers say
20 July 2022 Aboriginal Legal Service NSW urges fines for public health rule breaches be withdrawn or converted to cautions Christopher Knaus reports for Guardian Australia