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RLC in the Media: “Had a bad day”: Officer who kicked teenager to the ground finally charged
4 May 2021 It’s been a year since a police officer went viral for kicking an Indigenous teenager to the ground during an arrest in Surry Hills.
RLC in the Media: Vast majority of COVID-19 fines remain unpaid
3 May 2021 Data obtained by RLC reveals that the majority of people issued with a $1000 COVID-19 fine in NSW have not paid, or can’t afford to pay, leading to calls for a means-tested system and review of police conduct. Anna Patty reports for the Sydney...
RLC in the Media: More than 5,500 people get NSW police record after strip searches which found nothing illegal
23 April 2021 New data obtained by RLC reveals that 61% of people strip searched between 2018-2020 had their details needlessly logged in the police database, after nothing illegal was found. Michael McGowan reports for the Guardian
RLC in the Media More than 5,500 Australians ended up with police records despite doing nothing illegal
23 April 2021 More than 5,500 people in New South Wales have found themselves with police records after being strip searched by police, despite nothing incriminating being found.
RLC in the Media: What are your rights in a police search?
29 March 2021 Law Society Journal (LSJ) online video
RLC in the Media: Does NSW have a problem with Police Strip Searches?
29 March 2021 RLC Police Accountability solicitor, Samantha Lee, was interviewed by the Sentinel on issues around strip searching in NSW.
RLC in the Media: Consent app - Fuller's worst idea all year?
27 March 2021 New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller’s proposal for an app that records consent has been widely criticised, including by those working with survivors of sexual assault. Isaac Nellist reports for Green Left
RLC in the Media: More laws are not the answer: the case for restorative justice to address sexual assault
20 March 2021 With conviction rates of just 2%, it is clear the justice system is failing victims of sexual assault.
RLC in the Media: How to escape financial abuse: Why victims need a plan
20 March 2021 A good escape plan can protect individuals from being further abused financially after they break free. Ellen Whinnett and Anthony Keane report for Newscorp
RLC in the Media: Alleged sexual assault guidelines and policing discussed on Blackchat Koori Radio.
12 March 2021 RLC is calling on the NSW Police to release internal operating procedures on steps to apply when beginning an investigation into an alleged sexual assault.  Lola Forester reports for Blackchat.