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RLC in the Media: Man eating kebab on bench among 50 people fined in NSW and Victoria for violating coronavirus laws
3 April 2020 Justice advocates are concerned that police crackdowns to tackle the public health emergency will disproportionately affect vulnerable people. Michael McGowan and Ben Smee report for the Guardian Australia
RLC in the Media: Concern over heavy-handed policing
3 April 2020 Police in New South Wales and Victoria have used new laws restricting public movement to fine more than 50 people for reasons including eating a kebab on a bench and sitting in a car.  Max Opray reports for The Saturday Paper
RLC in the Media: 'I could be on the street': Emerging underclass of jobless temporary residents
31 March 2020 Sydney Morning Herald investigates the impact of the coronavirus on already marginalised communities, speaking to international students, migrant workers and services providers. Anna Patty reports for Sydney Morning Herald
RLC in the media: Legal centres suspend face-to-face services in response to coronavirus
19 March 2020 Community legal centres providing urgent legal help to some of the community's most vulnerable are being forced to cease face-to-face services as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nicola Berkovic reports for the Australian
RLC in the Media: Your rights if you’ve been racially profiled by police in Australia
5 March 2020 Racial profiling is the “disproportionate” and “unreasonable” use of police powers against racial minorities and indigenous people. Rajish Aryal reports for SBS
RLC in the Media: 14-year-old found with MDMA at Good Life Lost City music festival in Sydney
24 February 2020 NSW police have revealed that all but one strip search lead to the discovery of illicit drugs at an underage music festival in Sydney on the weekend. Angelica Snowden reports for The Australian
RLC in the Media: Children face ‘potentially unlawful’ and ‘invasive’ drug and alcohol testing at festival
23 February 2020 One in 10 children at a Sydney under-age music festival faced random drug testing that has been labelled by legal experts “potentially unlawful” and an infringement on civil liberties. Andrew Taylor reports for The Sydney Morning Herald
RLC in the Media: New South Wales: The Strip Search State
21 February 2020 NSW police is running a quota system in relation to personal searches, as well as other police procedures. Paul Gregoire reports for Sydney Criminal Lawyers
RLC in the Media: Bombshell report claims NSW Police have been targeting indigenous kids on a secret blacklist
14 February 2020 NSW Police have disproportionately targeted Indigenous children with a secretive blacklist since the year 2000, a two-year investigation has found. Zac Crellin reports for Pedestrian
RLC in the Media: NSW Police Force defends personal search quota system
14 February 2020 The NSW Police Force has defended setting personal search targets after it was revealed 238, 000 personal searches, including strip searches, were conducted in 2018-19. Evan Young reports for SBS News