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RLC in the Media: NSW Police Partially Strip Search 13-Year-Old Boy in Public
8 August 2019 A NSW police officer partially strip searches a 13 year-old boy on the side of the road in broad daylight. Paul Gregoire reports for Sydney Criminal Lawyers
RLC in the Media: Documents Reveal NSW Police Advised to Film Strip Searches Despite Privacy Concerns
2 August 2019 It has been revealed today that New South Wales police have been advised to film strip searches. The Music reports
RLC in the Media: NSW police are told to film strip searches, documents reveal
2 August 2019 Amid growing concern about the increasing use of police strip-search powers in NSW, police powers solicitor Sam Lee spoke to the Guardian about documents obtained by RLC revealIng that officers routinely film searches while they are being conducted...
RLC in the Media: NSW Police are encouraged to film strip searches
2 August 2019 A new report has revealed that New South Wales police are told to film people when conducting a strip search.  Geordie Gray reports for The Brag
RLC in the Media: Police Can Film Your Strip Search - In Fact, They're Ordered To
2 August 2019 It turns out that police can absolutely film your strip search - in fact, they are ordered to. Andrew P Street reports for The Goat
RLC in the Media: Internal Documents Reveal NSW Cops Are Told To Film Strip Searches
2 August 2019 Documents obtained by The Redfern Legal Centre under freedom of information show NSW Police have been told to film people being strip searched. Brad Esposito reports for Pedestrian
RLC in the Media: Police Powers and Strip Searches (NSW)
2 August 2019 NSW police routinely use body-worn cameras to film a strip search. Fernanda Dahlstrom reports for Go To Court
RLC in the Media: Strip-search trauma similar to that of sexual assaults, NSW music festival inquest told
19 July 2019 The trauma experienced in police strip searches is akin to that suffered during sexual assaults, the New South Wales music festivals inquest has heard. AAP reports for The Guardian
RLC in the Media: NSW Police Are Using Strip Searches to Intimidate
16 July 2019 The NSW coronial inquiry into six drug-related deaths at music festivals heard testimony last week regarding a police officer who threatened to make a strip search "nice and slow" unless a woman confessed to where her drugs were hidden. Paul...
RLC in the Media: Music festival inquest hears woman was told strip search would be 'nice and slow'
11 July 2019 A young music fan "humiliated" during a strip search at a music festival has told an inquest a police officer threatened to make the process "nice and slow" unless she confessed to drug use.