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RLC in the Media: Aus: int’l student advice app launched
23 April 2019 Australia’s Redfern Legal Centre has launched a new mobile app for international students to access legal advice in their native language, in what is being touted as an Australian first.  Anton Crace reports for The Pie News (22 April 2019)
RLC in the Media: Legal info app for international students
15 April 2019 A new app, MyLegal Mate, offering international students legal information in six languages, available by subscription to education providers, has been announced by Redfern Legal Centre.
RLC in the Media: CLCs call for overhaul of 'broken laws' targeting sexual harassment in the workplace
1 April 2019 Community Legal Centres have today released a comprehensive report, #MeToo: Legal Responses to Sexual Harassment at Work. The report makes over 45 recomendations calling for harsher penalties and an overhaul of "broken" laws to protect workers...
RLC in the Media: How necessary is a public drug strip search?
18 March 2019 Sam Lee talks to radio 2ser in the wake of a NSW Police drug search operation which saw commenters searched at Central Station last Wednesday afternoon.
RLC in the Media: RLC raises concerns about police search operation at Central Station
14 March 2019 Redfern Legal Centre's police powers solicitor Samatha Lee spoke to ABC 702 Sydney Drive about a police drug search operation which occurred at Central Station on Wednesday 13 March 2019.
RLC in the Media: Police strip-search of a 19-year old festival attendee triggers internal review
12 March 2019 NSW Police are abusing strip search powers at festivals, conducting illegal strip-searches and denying patrons entry to events after no drugs are found.
RLC in the Media: Honouring Margaret Jones
5 March 2019 Margaret Jones, one of our longest-serving volunteers, passed away last month at 91-years-old.
RLC in the Media: Alarming increase in people turning to payday loans
21 February 2019 More Australians are turning to payday loans and spiralling into debt, according to Digital Finance Analytics (DFA).
RLC in the Media: Legal Services across NSW hold concerns over distressingly high rate of police strip searches
20 February 2019 Redfern Legal Centre and other legal services across NSW hold grave concerns over the rapidly increasing rate of unnecessary police strip searches. 
RLC in the Media: Festival-goers urged to know their rights after 'unlawful' strip searches
20 December 2018 Several people who say they were unlawfully strip searched for drugs are considering legal action, as a new campaign is launched to prevent the procedure at music festivals this summer. Avani Dias reports for The Hack on Triple J