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RLC in the Media: Festival-goers urged to know their rights after 'unlawful' strip searches
20 December 2018 Several people who say they were unlawfully strip searched for drugs are considering legal action, as a new campaign is launched to prevent the procedure at music festivals this summer. Avani Dias reports for The Hack on Triple J
RLC in the Media: Why Have Strip Searches In NSW Doubled In Just One Year?
20 December 2018 An inquiry is underway in New South Wales following an explosion in the number of strip searches undertaken by police in the state.  Ten Daily reports, 19 December 2018
RLC in the Media: Waleed Talks About The Horrific Experience Of Being Strip Searched
19 December 2018 The Project speaks to RLC's police powers solicitor Sam Lee about the huge increase in police strip searches in NSW, and discusses, RLC's new initiative to change strip-search laws.
RLC in the media: Call for more funding to meet 'untapped demand' for Legal Aid services
23 November 2018 The number of people accessing Legal Aid services for family law and domestic violence matters increased by 25 per cent over the past year, reports Lisa Visentin for the Sydney Morning Herald.
RLC in the media: Fair Work blitz uncovers widespread exploitation on farms
22 November 2018 A Fair Work Ombudsman investigation into 638 farms has found more than half underpaid workers, falsified pay records or failed to provide pay slips. FWO inspectors recovered more than $1 million in unpaid wages for 2,500 workers. Anna Patty...
RLC in the media: Police rebuff Peter Dutton on pursuits
18 November 2018 Redfern Legal Centre's Police Powers solicitor, Samantha Lee speaks to David Murray from The Australian about NSW's policies on police pursuits.
RLC in the Media: Number of strip searches in NSW doubles in a year, triggering Law Commission inquiry
13 November 2018 The head of RLC's Police Powers practice, Sam Lee, discusses concerns around the sharp increase in police strip searches in NSW, describing a degrading incident involving a young woman strip-searched at a music festival.  Hagar Cohen reports...
RLC in the Media: LECC investigation into strip searches in NSW
12 November 2018 The use of police strip searches in NSW has doubled between 2016- 2017, with increased complaints prompting an investigation by the state's police conduct watchdog, the Law Enforcement Conduct Commision (the LECC), into whether NSW...
RLC in the Media: Changes to Australian Consumer Law: Key benefits for vulnerable consumers
9 November 2018 On 28 March 2018, the Treasury Laws Amendment (Australian Consumer Law Review) Bill 2018 (Cth) was passed and will enact the first suite proposals of the Australian Consumer Law Review. The Bill covers most of the Final Report’s well-developed...
RLC in the Media: Unclaimed wages likely to top one billion dollars
29 October 2018 A landmark study has found endemic levels of underpayment among international students, backpackers and other migrant workers in Australia, with fewer than one in ten taking action to recover unpaid wages. Anna Patty reports for The...