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RLC in the Media: Over 50 legal orgs sign open letter in face of rising police strip searches
11 June 2019 Representatives from over 50 legal organisations across NSW, including prominent members of the legal profession, have signed an open letter to the state’s Police Minister outlining the harmful impacts of strip searches. Jerome Doraisamy reports...
RLC in the Media: 'I felt completely helpless': Woman's strip search revives trauma of sexual assault
4 June 2019 A Sydney woman says a police strip search at a Homebush music festival in 2018 forced her to relive a sexual assault that occurred just over a year earlier. Angus Thompson and Nigel Gladstone report for Sydney Morning Herald
RLC in the Media: Anti-strip search campaign gains momentum in NSW
24 May 2019 Sniffer dogs and police are harassing more people at train stations, and strip searches of young people, Aboriginal and people in regional NSW are on the rise. Rachel Evans & Susan Price report For Green Left Weekly
RLC in the Media: Strip searches up by almost half in NSW over the last four years
22 May 2019 Strip searches have increased by 46 per cent in NSW in the last four years, according to police data presented at an information night by the Redfern Legal Centre on the policy. Avanti Dias reports for Triple J Hack
RLC in the Media: Migrant wage theft to be addressed in New South Wales
6 May 2019 Thousands of short term migrants exploited by bosses who withhold fair wages will benefit from a $1.6 million statewide project providing free legal help to recover the money they’re owed. SBS Nepali reports.
RLC in the Media: Lawyer calls for wind back of NSW strip-search laws
5 May 2019 Redfern Legal Centre has called for changes to NSW’s strip-search laws, after police targeted commuters at major Sydney train stations on Thursday.  Heath Parkes-Hupton reports for Central Sydney. 
RLC in the Media: The philanthropic RLC Fun(d)raiser needs your help!
1 May 2019 RLC is having a big comedy fundraiser at Giant Dwarf Theatre on 8 May, and lots of Aussie celebs are jumping on board.  Nathaniel Keesing reports for 2ser
RLC in the Media: 'My Legal Mate' on ABC Breakfast
26 April 2019 RLC solicitor Sean Stimson talks with Josh Szeps on ABC Breakfast about RLC's statewide legal service for international students and the development of a new mobile app to assist international students with legal problems.
RLC in the Media: New legal advice app launched for NSW international students
25 April 2019 A new legal advice app, My Legal Mate, has been launched for international students in NSW. Study International Staff report for Study International News.
RLC in the Media: Aus: int’l student advice app launched
23 April 2019 Australia’s Redfern Legal Centre has launched a new mobile app for international students to access legal advice in their native language, in what is being touted as an Australian first.  Anton Crace reports for The Pie News (22 April 2019)