Temporary Graduate Visa information: new factsheet for international students

Are you a NSW international student who has recently finished your studies? Download RLC's new visa factsheet.

If you are looking to extend your stay in Australia for a short time while you look for further study or work experience, RLC's 485 visa factsheet for international students can help.

The factsheet contains information about accessing the temporary visa program and explains what international students can do with a Subclass 485 visa.

It provides useful tips, and looks at the common and specific requirements for international students in each of the four current streams of the temporary visa program:

  1. Post-Study Work stream
  2. Graduate Work stream
  3. Second-Study Work stream
  4. COVID-19 Replacement stream

Download factsheet: Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa information for international students

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For detailed advice about your situation, you may need to see an immigration lawyer or a registered migration agent.  If you need free and confidential migration advice about your student visa, RLC can help. 

Contact RLC’s International Student Legal Service NSW for free legal help and referrals at www.rlc.org.au/contact