RLC in the Media: Incredible Imbalance in COVID fines in disadvantaged suburbs

RLC has obtained new statistics showing that at the peak of the Delta outbreak lower socioeconomic areas disproportionately bore the brunt of public health policing.

RLC has obtained new statistics under freedom of information laws detailing a breakdown of COVID fines issued by suburb. The total number of fines issued in the 2020/21 financial year was 1,818 compared to 48,078 fines issued between July and October 2021.

The figures show that lower socioeconomic areas and regional towns with larger First Nations populations bore the brunt of public health policing at the peak of the Delta outbreak. Especially when compared with many wealthier eastern and inner west suburbs of Sydney.

“There is no doubt that those who were over-policed before Covid were just policed more during the pandemic," RLC's police accountability solicitor told The Guardian.

“The fines really do discriminate against people from low socioeconomic backgrounds, or those who have a low income, because they are not means-tested.”

RLC continues to call for unlawfully issued COVID fines to be revoked.

Read article: The Guardian