Free access to My Legal Mate for international students in NSW

Thanks to support from the NSW Government, international students in NSW can now apply to access a free download of Redfern Legal Centre's multilanguage assistance app, My Legal Mate.   

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Apply to download My Legal Mate

To ensure international students understand their legal rights and can help protect themselves during COVID-19, the NSW Government has made 50,000 downloads of multilingual app My Legal Mate available for free for international students in NSW.

My Legal Mate app addresses the four areas of law identified as being of the most concern to international students including employment, housing, disputes with education providers, and sexual assault.

My Legal Mate delivers personalised legal information to its users through an interactive, video-based, face-to-face question and answer format that is friendly and easy to use.

My Legal Mate is available to international students in English and six other languages including Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Eligibility criteria

  • Current international students enrolled to study in NSW
  • International students who have recently graduated from a NSW education provider
  • Current holders of subclass 500, 408 and 485 visas

How to apply

Eligible international students can apply at If you meet the eligibility criteria, Practera will send you a ‘Welcome & Register’ email within 24 hours with a link to access the app.