Changes to anti-social behaviour laws in public housing - workshop

Changes to anti-social behaviour laws in public housing

Online webinar
Thursday 1 June 2017
10am - 11am
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At the end of 2015 the Residential Tenancies Act changed to make it easier for social housing providers (Housing NSW and community housing) to evict their tenants.
This workshop will cover those changes, including:
  • What is a strike notice
  • The new "three strikes and you're out" rule
  • How and when to appeal strike notices
  • What happens at the tribunal if a strike is not appealed
  • Which matters will only have one strike or go straight to the tribunal
  • Which matters will still have discretion not to terminate at the tribunal and which won't.
Community workers can play a valuable role in informing their clients about these changes and advocating for them, to reduce the potential for homelessness.
Presenter: Melanie Bradfield, Tenant Advocate at RLC's Inner Sydney Tenants Advice & Advocacy Service.


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