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Submission: Redesigning "VET-FEE HELP"
21 July 2016

RLC’s submission to the Department of Education’s “Redesigning VET FEE HELP” process called on the...

Submission: Review of Australian Consumer Law
27 May 2016

Redfern Legal Centre made a submission to the Australian Consumer Law Review

Submission: RLC response to Review of Small Amount Credit Contract Laws and Comparable Consumer Leases ('SACC Review')
22 January 2016

RLC wrote a submission for the Federal Treasury's Review of Small Amount Credit Contract Laws and...

Submission: Review of pay day lending laws
15 October 2015

RLC’s submission calls for better consumer protections in the regulations governing pay day lending and...

Discussion Paper: EWON, Prepayment Meters
25 July 2014

Redfern Legal Centre has a long history of providing assistance, advice and advocacy to the local...

Discussion Paper: Response to the Financial System Inquiry
10 June 2014

RLC's submission focused upon three key issues of access and equity in the financial system for vulnerable...

Submission: Debt Recovery in NSW
16 May 2014

A recurring hindrance to efficient debt recovery process is the pursuit of ‘unrecoverable’ debts.

Joint Submission to Independent Review of Financial Ombudsman Service
07 November 2013

The submission sets out the broad view of contributors  that, while there is room for improvement, FOS is...

Submission: On Payday Lending Regulations
07 September 2012

The Redfern Legal Centre identifies economic rights as important in the attainment of a just society.

Submission: In response to the April 2012 Treasury Discussion Paper
07 May 2012

RLC made a submission to the April 2012 Treasury Discussion Paper 'Strategies for reducing reliance on...

Submission: Connecting Consumers: A Review of the Australian Consumer Action Network
28 October 2011

RLC values the work done by Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) in addressing the...

Submission: On the Consumer Credit and Corporations Legislation Amendment (Enhancements) Bill 2011
14 October 2011

The government sought comments on the Bill, which proposes to amend the Credit Law as they affect a number...

Submission: To the Treasury commenting on the proposed Credit Enhancements Bill
07 September 2011

The Treasury sought comments on the Bill.

Submission: In response to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Draft Report, Reconnecting the Customer
22 July 2011

RLC welcomed the ACMA's decision to undertake its examination of customer services and the complaints-...

Submission: In response to the Telecommunications Ombudsman Scheme Discussion Paper
07 April 2011

In this submission, RLC's view was that the review into the role and function of the TIO was overdue.

Submission: In response to the Reconnecting the Customer Inquiry
10 September 2010

Utility debts have always been a significant proportion of the matters presenting to the Centre.

Submission: On the Inquiry into the National Consumer Credit Protection Bill 2009
01 July 2009

We continue to support the Commonwealth legislation to regulate all credit and mortgages, and continue to...

Submission: In response to the National Consumer Credit Bill Exposure Draft
22 May 2009

This submission was made on behalf of Redfern Legal Centre's Credit and Debt Service.

Submission: On the new Australian Consumer Law
05 March 2009

This submission was addressed to SCOCA Australian Consumer  Law Consultation Competition and Consumer...

Submission: Productivity Commission Review of Australia's Consumer Policy Framework Draft Report
02 February 2008

RLC's Credit and Debt Service provides free legal casework, including Court and Tribunal appearances, and...