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RLC in the Media: Commonwealth passes buck to the states on CLC funding
1 July 2015 The Commonwealth Government has signed an agreement with the states to secure five years of funding for community legal centres, palming off responsibility for legal assistance to the states.
RLC in the Media: City squad set to stamp out illegal housing
25 June 2015 The City of Sydney last week announced a dedicated squad and investigation to crack down on illegal accommodation across the city. While this announcement answers calls for action, the future of current tenants has been thrown into uncertainty.
RLC in the Media: Housing tenants say enough is enough
25 June 2015 Public housing tenants in Surry Hills are fed up with anti-social behavior and alleged illegal activity occurring in their buildings by their neighbours and guests.
RLC in the Media: Police blitz Sydney's illegal accommodation
16 June 2015 Angela Lavoipierre, Mark Colvin June 2015 - ABC PM
RLC in the Media: Legal centres in crisis turn away thousands
16 June 2015 A census by the National Association of Community Legal Centres has found that over 150,000 people were turned away from community legal centres last financial year.
RLC in the Media: 8 reasons you should care about Community Legal Centre funding
11 June 2015 The Redfern Legal Centre will be forced to turn away 500 clients a year from July 1 if funding isn’t secured.
RLC in the Media: Eastern suburbs women urged to seek help as domestic violence rates increase in Australia’s most affluent suburbs
11 June 2015 The scourge of domestic violence continues to rise in some of Sydney’s most affluent suburbs, with Rose Bay police confirming it received up to two calls on the matter each day.
RLC in the Media: Millers Point housing residents face ‘harassment’
11 June 2015 Millers Point residents have complained of feeling ‘bullied’ and ‘harassed’ and continue to fear losing their homes in wake of the state government’s announcement last week that more properties were being sold. Photo: Wikepedia.commons
RLC in the Media: Community legal centres turning away 150,000 people a year, figures suggest, as funding cuts loom
5 June 2015 More than 150,000 of Australia's most vulnerable people are turned away each year from community legal centres, new figures have revealed.
RLC in the Media: Attorneys-General meet for legal funding tussle
22 May 2015 RLC CEO Jo Shulman takes part in ABC AM's report on the future of funding for Community Legal Centres. Jo Shulman is fighting to keep RLC's doors open in the midst of a funding crisis. May 2015 - ABC Radio 702