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RLC in the Media: 'Elderly resident Sally Parslow's last-ditch fight to stay in Millers Point​'
15 April 2017 With the help of Redfern Legal Centre, Millers Point resident Sally Parslow is filing in the NSW Supreme Court to try to prevent eviction from her home.​ By Lisa Visentin. Published by Sydney Morning Herald, 15 April 2017.​
RLC in the Media: Radio Rentals scheme in class action lawsuit
7 April 2017 29 March 2017 – RLC's Credit & Debt solicitor Laura Bianchi discusses pitfalls of consumer lease arrangements and payday loans in an article on the Radio Rentals class action.
RLC in the Media: Sydney drivers pay twice as much for parking fines as New York
3 April 2017 26 March 2017 – RLC's Credit & Debt solicitor Laura Bianchi speaks to Sydney Morning Herald's Andrew Taylor about the impact of fines on low income earners, as part of a story investigating Sydney parking fines.
RLC in the Media: Do parking rangers deserve this shocking abuse?
3 April 2017 31 March 2017 – RLC's Credit & Debt solicitor Laura Bianchi talks to Channel Seven about the impact of fines for low income earners.
RLC in the media: Proposed laws unlikely to stamp out exploitation of underpaid workers, says legal experts
9 March 2017 Current student visas prevent international students from working more than 40-hours-per fortnight while studying. RLC argues that this makes student workers vulnerable to exploitation. We have submitted a proposal to the Migrant...
RLC in the Media: expert panel responds to 18C Inquiry Report
28 February 2017 On 28 February radio 2SER convened a panel of legal and human rights experts to dissect findings the 18C Inquiry Report, tabled in Parliament on 28 February 2017.
RLC in the Media: workplace exploitation of international students
21 February 2017 Our International Students' Solicitor Sean Stimpson speaks to Anton Crace from The PIE (UK) about RLC's work to prevent the exploitation of international students in the workplace.
RLC in the media: debt recovery and legal bullying
24 January 2017 RLC's Credit and Debt Solicitor Will Dwyer speaks  journalist Barry McKay about tactics employed by organisations seeking to recover debt and strategies that people can use to deal with these types of situations.
RLC in the Media: overloaded community legal centres forced to turn people away at Christmas
27 December 2016 While most workplaces around the country slow down for the Christmas break, seasonal spike in family violence, as well as tenancy and workplace disputes mean that community legal centres are often at their busiest during the holiday...
RLC on ABC's Background Briefing
10 October 2016 RLC's Millers Point Tenants' Advocates spoke to Background Briefing's Ann Arnold about the sale of landmark social housing in Sydney and the resulting consequences for long term tenants.