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RLC in the Media: Work visas: students often forced to breach conditions, lawyers say
9 April 2022 Solicitors from Redfern Legal Centre are calling for greater leniency for students coerced into breaching their visa conditions by unscrupulous employers. Naaman Zhou reports for The Guardian. Published 22 April 2017.
RLC in the Media: Workers are vulnerable in the virtual workplace
8 August 2017 The Sydney Morning Herald, 8 August 2017 – RLC's Employment and Discrimination Solicitor, Dr Linda Tucker, looks at the growing trend of exploitation of international students in the workplace and says it's time for action.
RLC in the Media: Calls to protect exploited foreign workers in Australia
24 May 2017 A proposal to protect international students from deportation in instances of workplace exploitation and allow them to issue entitlement claims has been submitted to the Australian immigration minister.
RLC in the Media: When Andrew reported mould to his landlord he didn't expect to be evicted
24 May 2017 RLC’s tenancy solicitor Kimberley Mackenzie speaks to SMH about the impact of 'no grounds' evictions on vulnerable tenants, and says it’s time for change. ​
RLC in the Media: Dr Linda Tucker discusses employee exploitation on Radio 2ser
18 May 2017 RLC's Dr Linda Tucker spoke with Radio 2ser 107.3FM in response to Transport Workers' Union secretary Tony Sheldon's recent comments that employers who underpay workers should be jailed for "wage theft".
RLC in the Media: UTS Law’s new social justice subject teaches empathy through experience
28 April 2017 Select students from the UTS Faculty of Law will assist vulnerable international students with legal issues in a newly established partnership between Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) and the Faculty.  Tess Gibney from UTS reports.
RLC in the Media: 'Elderly resident Sally Parslow's last-ditch fight to stay in Millers Point​'
15 April 2017 With the help of Redfern Legal Centre, Millers Point resident Sally Parslow is filing in the NSW Supreme Court to try to prevent eviction from her home.​ By Lisa Visentin. Published by Sydney Morning Herald, 15 April 2017.​
RLC in the Media: Radio Rentals scheme in class action lawsuit
7 April 2017 29 March 2017 – RLC's Credit & Debt solicitor Laura Bianchi discusses pitfalls of consumer lease arrangements and payday loans in an article on the Radio Rentals class action.
RLC in the Media: Sydney drivers pay twice as much for parking fines as New York
3 April 2017 26 March 2017 – RLC's Credit & Debt solicitor Laura Bianchi speaks to Sydney Morning Herald's Andrew Taylor about the impact of fines on low income earners, as part of a story investigating Sydney parking fines.
RLC in the Media: Do parking rangers deserve this shocking abuse?
3 April 2017 31 March 2017 – RLC's Credit & Debt solicitor Laura Bianchi talks to Channel Seven about the impact of fines for low income earners.