Principal Solicitor

Selection criteria

  1. Qualified to practice as a solicitor in NSW, eligible to hold an unrestricted practicing certificate and at least 4 years relevant post-admission experience.
  2. Experience in two or more of the following areas of law: human rights, civil litigation, victims of crime, criminal/domestic violence matters, family and child welfare, discrimination, employment, credit and debt, consumer law, housing and tenancy, migration law, police complaints and young peoplesʼ legal issues.
  3. Commitment to the objectives of Community Legal Centres and an understanding of access and equity principles.
  4. Experience in supervising the work of others.
  5. Demonstrated ability to build relationships with, communicate and negotiate effectively with clients, pro bono providers, government, community organisations and other external stakeholders.
  6. Demonstrated ability to lead a team to develop and implement a range of strategies in relation to casework, education, policy and law reform issues.
  7. Demonstrated ability to run test cases.
  8. Demonstrated ability to organise campaigns and activities aimed at achieving law reform, including ability to be a public advocate for RLC clients.

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